Services offertsCrédit Location Pelletier clients have access to a wide variety of services designed to help with their corporate rental needs. Whether through seasonal financing, medium- or long-term rentals, or our mechanical maintenance and valet service program, we do everything possible to ensure our clients enjoy an uncompromising experience.

We understand that long-term rentals can be constrictive and represent an unnecessary expense for businesses requiring only seasonal or periodic rentals. Consequently, we offer vehicle financing for periods as short as six months.

Clients can also take advantage of our affordable automobile insurance program which offers better rebates compared to the costs of commercial automobile insurance policies.

Crédit Location Pelletier also offers clients maintenance services with their “Simpli-cité” fleet management program: We will pick up your vehicle as soon as any tune-ups or service is required while a courtesy vehicle can be delivered to your house or your place of business, whenever or wherever it’s most convenient.

Since our goal is to ease your workload allowing you more time to concentrate on your business, we also offer a buy-back service for vehicles currently owned by your business.